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  I do nt know how to remove the excessive nitrate in the tank. I found a brand of Madou in a treasure that said it can be removed. Is this brand okay? I do nt know if it is useful?Or there are other ways to remove or other brands

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  Lucky from now on Say: Madouanmi digestive bacteria effectively reduce nitrite and nitrate!WeChat wsf0230
Fish of Bermuda Say: Not used
Yuyou D invincible flight Say: Reply @lucky from here on: again it is the merchant
Yuyou one two less one Say: Exceeding the standard indicates that the water has not been raised
Yuyou D invincible flight Say: Reply @ 一二 少 一: Brother, you tell the truth
Yuyou HuanG0010003 Say:
Yuyou everything goes well Say: Can only be solved by changing the water, other nonsense
Yuqing Anqing Say: Green plants change water MP large brick
Yuyou lucky from here on Say: Replying to @D 无敌 飞: Im using it myself

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