How did the big god help me solve it what should I do?

  Experts help to see what is going on, how to deal with it, I am a novice, I do nt know what to do .How did the big god help me solve it what should I do? Aquaculture Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheet

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  Su Xiaobei Say: There is a pimple on the fishs mouth, whats going on?
Yuyou A Jinbao Say: Keep the water quality and raise the temperature quickly
Fish friend anrocey Say: The cylinder is too small
Yuyou Happiness 001002 Say: This operation is faster
Yuyou Xiaochengfeng Say:
Can I cut it directly? Happiness 001002
This operation is faster
Yuyou 18778609022 Say: Will it be a parasite
Yuyou lazy man Say: Dont understand ~
Yuyou Xiaolong Say: I have seen many Arowanas in Weidian have this.
Yuyou Su Xiaobei Say:
1 meter 2 cylinder anrocey
The cylinder is too smallMixed sea bream and arowana(Variety and name of sauryDo saury eat parrot feed?@Which tropical fish is best to raise"Real fish that is suitable for polyculture of arowana/Can Saury and Arowana be polycultured*What to do if the fish is ready)How long is the life of the swordfish#Which saury is the best!Will Seven Star Swordfish Attack Arowana?

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