arowana tankTiger fish black pattern injured

  The tiger fish was injured and could not take the picture. The black stripes made the Arowana fish bite the black ones. Can it be recovered?

arowana tankTiger fish black pattern injured AROWANA Forum

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  Wandering qq Say: can
Yuyou95938 Say: If you ca nt, you can bite off all the lines.
Yubin Binweixin010 Say: Add yellow powder to sterilize it first
Yuyou ★ Wolf is here ★ Say: Cant
Fish Friends Bennett Say: If not, there will be a tragedy where the streaks are deducted.Its the same after growing up
Yuyouzhj2711 Say: It might work
Yuyou Longer Say: It s okay, do nt get infected.
Yuyou zp850621 Say: Maintain good water quality, add some coarse salt, dont get infected.
Yuyou Xiaoshuaishuai 001 Say: It depends on your water quality. If you do nt have confidence, you can give me some medicine. My tiger is beaten by parrots every day. It s too normal to lose scales.It takes just 2 days to lose the scales, 3 days to lose the flesh, and the most food. Its almost 30CM. Its still used as a sandbag. Its too good.golden arowana priceHow much is the best temperature for arowana)How much is the water temperature of goldfish&Is the water temperature of arowana 30 degrees?/What is the best temperature of red arowana^How to feed arowana to live fish%What is the temperature of the arowana.Arowana did not die at 10 degrees*How much water temperature is suitable for 25cm arowana(Don"t Arowana eat dead fish?%What is the suitable temperature for arowana,

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