arowana foodYellow powder introduction


Furancillin (yellow powder)

【Alias】 Furanxin; Furan star; Nitrofuran hydrazone, Furicillin, Nifurfural

【Characteristics and Stability】 Bright yellow crystalline powder; odorless, early light taste, bitter aftertaste.Gradient dark yellow under the sunlight.Very slightly soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, after dissolving in alkaline solution, the color gradually changes to dark brown, and the pH of the saturated aqueous solution is 5.5 ~ 7.5.

[Pharmacological action]This product can interfere with the sugar metabolism process of bacteria and oxidase system to exert bacteriostatic or bactericidal effects, mainly interfere with the early stage of bacterial sugar metabolism, leading to bacterial metabolism disorder and death.Gram-positive and negative bacteria have antibacterial effect, weak against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and resistant to Pseudomonas and Proteus.It can inhibit general bacteria in vitro, and can be sterilized at high concentration. External treatment can be used to treat surface infections and skin diseases. The effect is satisfactory, and the number of bacteria is greatly reduced after medication.

[Clinical application]Externally used for the treatment of trauma, burns, suppurative dermatitis, otitis media, dacryocystitis, vaginitis, bladder irrigation, pressure sores

[Dosage and usage of medical nitrofurazone]1.5ppm full tank splash, 20ppm bubble 15-30 minutes, 50ppm bubble 10-20 minutes.0.01% ~ 0.Apply 02% solution to the wound surface.

[Indications]Rot skin disease (printing disease), bacterial rotten gill disease, good red skin disease of red dragon fish feed (hemorrhagic rot disease), bacterial infectious vertical squamous disease, crotch rot disease, skin inflammation and congestionDisease, chickenpox disease, cave disease, white-headed white-mouth disease.Prevention and control objects and methods of use: (1) Use 1-2 grams per 100 kilograms of fish to make a bait for feeding, feeding a course every half a month, 3 days per course of treatment, can prevent enteritis; (2) 50,000 pointsOne concentration of this product is used to bathe fish body for 10 minutes, which can prevent red skin, rotten gills, enteritis and so on.

【Precautions】 After dissolving, the dissolved oxygen in the fish tank will be reduced, so oxygen is needed to prevent the fish from hypoxia

Yellow powder introduction

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    arowana foodYellow powder introduction
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