What kind of fish are you asking for

  I am a beginner. At present, the filter cotton is cleaned every two days, and the water is changed once every two days.一天喂4次鱼,一次喂三“条(我养了一条金龙两条银龙)睡觉之前再为一次黄粉虫。Gods, Im right in the wrong way as they did.I see how many people have no scavengers. I do nt know how to raise them. Please enlighten the gods.The brother "thanks again."
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The girl said! 我三天换三分一水,一礼拜洗一次棉,求大神What is Red Arowana们指教红龙鱼饲料哪个牌子好半个月来一次大换水,一天喂一”次,一次,2条Fish, like dragons
Longer said well! 2 meals a day will be able to participate in the pure feeding, try not to feed Zeng Nufeng phone call! The ego feeds the fish once a day and changes a little water every day.The filter cotton has no time to wash, huh.红龙鱼是什么鱼
Zhong Hongda said! 『』 ◆ ◣ Shenchunzai feeding, try not to feed worms
Simple Love 4587 says! The filter cotton is not as diligent as needed, two and ten days in half a month.Can one month, what three feeding?若是是泥鳅最好是死的,适量小、我感”受不大,能够!
z?p850621 said! ,  一天一顿!You can, feed less worms.
yjw888 said! Change the water without washing the cotton, wash the cotton without changing the water
catyaojingjia said! ?It is still best to feed fish and shrimp.What kind of fish are you asking for

What kind of fish are you asking for AROWANA Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheet﹀﹀

What kind of fish are you asking for AROWANA Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheetbaby arowana fish for saleRed dragon fish with long white spots.What to do if the red dragon fish loses its scale%How much is the most expensive red dragon fish"Red Arowana Lips Red&No. half red arowana price,Zhaohei Red Dragon Fish:Does Red Arowana have grilled fish?(Red Arowana map raised together/What are the red arowana brands*

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