The size of the cylinder

  Fish tank 1.3 meters 60 width 60 height, is it possible to raise Arowanas?Can raise a few,

  = (Comments on alliance SianLon Arowana Aquatic friends) =

  Devil Yan Say: A good personal suggestion
Yuyou Guangzhou Longfeng Square Say: 60 width is already very big!
Yuyou Gaoping Jinxing Say: Up to 3
Fish Friends Ring? Say: How many do you want to raise
Yuyuai♂Xiaozi♀ Say: One more or better
Yuyou reverse time_ Say: One
Yuyou kit7979 Say: I raise three Arowanas, two rivers, and three emperors
Yuyou13525094018 Say: Keep a good one
Fish friend legmz Say: Can be raised, single raising is bestRed Arowana does not like to eat$How long does the golden arowana starve to death"Arowana suddenly skipped food and medicine,Newly bought Arowana do not eat.What to do if the red dragon fish hasn"t eaten for months@What to do if Arowana does n"t like food recently~Red Arowana does not eat after changing water#What to do if red dragon fish doesn"t like food?

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