How to solve the protein bug outbreak?

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  Carl.Tin Say: Change the water
Yuyou Fengnan Wang Chunyu Say: Buy a few Manlong and they will be clean in three days
Yuyou Big Tail 002 Say: Manlong killed the past
Fish Friends vaguely Say: Change water when you have time
Yuyou is prouder than Dior! Say: Feed less and change water
Yuyu Jingyu Say: Replying to @Carl.Tin: Is there a good way?
Yuyu Jingyu Say: I heated it to 32 ℃ for two days and it disappeared
Yuyou Wanwan Liu 001 Say: Reply to @ 丰南 王 春雨: Support!
Linzichaoaa Say: Change water frequently and wash filter cotton black arowana saleWhat brand of blood parrot feed is good~Parrotfish feeding red water(Parrot fish feed what feed red%What feed is best for red parrots$Blood parrot fish redness sinking fish feed:Lima red blood parrot fish feed!The parrot fish is not red/Feed parrot fish^


    How to solve the protein bug outbreak?
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    Handmade diy fish(

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