I fell asleep when I changed the water and when I found it the water temperature was already 15 degr

  I changed the water for the Arowana fish this evening. I used to change the tap water one-fourth each time. I fell asleep when I changed the water today. When I woke up, my family s washbasin had already floated. Look at the fish tank and the Arowana.The fish has turned over and the belly is facing up. The water temperature is only 15 degrees Celsius. It is estimated that all the water in one tank has been changed.Quickly remedy, put another heating rod into it, the water temperature is all adjusted to 40 degrees, and now the water temperature has risen to 22 degrees, but the two Arowana fish are both belly-stretching and panting, ask the god, is there any good way?Can these two Arowana fish survive?(The two Arowana fish are around 40)

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  EQ is zero Say: Its a pity that you need a fully automatic water exchange connection, free technology, buy the materials yourself, I dont earn a penny, its a personal hobby
Yuyou Golden Dragon 8 Say: Yes
Yuyou Golden Dragon 8 Say: Hope its ok
Yuyou Raiyu Say: It is estimated to be difficult.
Fish friend tangluke Say: Such a large arowana should be able to survive, follow up
Fish friend kuny kun Say: Can only watch it luck
Guan Yu Say: should be no problem
Yuyou Qunying Say: Reply @ 情商 为零: How to contact you?How much is WeChat?
Yuyouhong5623828 Say: Oxygen, hurry, dont heat too hardhdpc flooring golden arowanartg golden arowanaWhat food do fish like to eat in winter~What food do fish eat at home:What vegetables do fish like to eatIn which country does Arowana grow?&Is Arowana genetically modified?(What food does crucian love to eat%What food do small fish like to eat$What wild carp likes to eat$What food do goldfish like to eat#

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