Origin and introduction of the red dragon fish

  Origin and introduction of the spotted red dragonfish and introduction of the spotted red dragonfish: also known as Banzarma new red arowana, a type of red arowana, the name is a fish named after the river basinbell.The spotted red dragon fish originated in the basin of the new region of Banzarama in West Kalimantan. The scales of the spotted and red dragon fish have three colors. The outer frame does not develop color. The inner frame belongs to the pink line. The bottom spot is similar to the shape of a horseshoe, which is the same as the red dragon fish.Because the tail and fin of the red dragonfish will grow from red to bright yellow as it grows, it is classified as red dragonfish when it is classified. The red dragonfish is very similar to the red dragonfish during its juvenile period, and is easily confused.If you dont look closely, just look at the color of its fins, most people will think that it is a young red dragon.So be sure to read clearly when buying, to avoid buying wrong.Emperor Chili Red Dragon Fish Video
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Origin and introduction of the red dragon fish AROWANA ForumStingray eats artificial feed:Can stingrays be fed??Stingray fish eats the fastest)Stingray feeds fast&What does a 10 cm stingray eat?%Can stingrays feed?@What feed does the stingray eat?(Do stingrays eat bread worms?"


    Origin and introduction of the red dragon fish
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