Oxygen pump is noisy


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  BaOgE Ai Hongyi Say: What brand
30 years of professional fish farming Say: High price for a mute
Fisherman Say: Reply @ 专业 养鱼 30 年: Put in the bottom filter tank
Amo Say: What brand .
Yuyou Zhonghongda Say:
What brand
What brand
Yuyou Orange wei001 Say: Change to a quiet all-in-one piezoelectric aerator pump, absolutely silent2nd red arowanaIndonesia Red Arowana Variety Map(How old is the red dragon fish~How colorful is the colorful angelfish?Chrysanthemum red arowana color development process!Lucky Catfish&What kind of hair color do Arowana eat?/Red Arowana 50 cm without color"What are the benefits of eating red loach@

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