Pikonni fish

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Pikonni fish

Since ancient times, human beings have an incomparable faith and respect for Phoenix. Phoenix Nirvana burns up the world's unhappiness and resentment in exchange for human peace and happiness. It is the messenger of happiness, the symbol of auspiciousness and nobility. Wherever Phoenix goes, it is a treasure land of outstanding people and spirits.

Yuanbao Phoenix, which has a colorful body color like Phoenix, noble bright green with red stripes, looks like a bright jewel-like body, more brilliant and shining in the darkness. The length of the pelvic fin is unique, extending to the end of the buttock fin, like a woman dancing sleeve, elegant and elegant. It is the God of dance in the water, the famous lady in the fish, gentle and beautiful waves, but also the Phoenix in the fish, walking brilliantly, extraordinary and free from vulgarity. It has long been regarded by aquarium enthusiasts as the incarnation of Phoenix in water. Its short and round shape resembles Yuanbao, so it is called Yuanbao Phoenix. First, it implies good luck and prosperous financial resources. Second, it symbolizes honorable status and lofty status. In addition, because the body is like phoenix, and the lips of Yuanbao Phoenix are like those of women with lip gloss. They say that Yuanbao's kiss is "lucky kiss", which means good luck and change.

As the saying goes, Phoenix does not fall into a place of no treasure, which means that the place where Phoenix lives is a place where people are outstanding. In addition to auspiciousness and harmony, it also symbolizes wisdom and intelligence, whether for oneself or others, especially for children at home or those who are about to go to school. One of the reasons why people like to feed Yuanbao Phoenix at home is that they hope that their families will succeed and talented people will emerge.

In addition, when a couple starts a new journey in their life, they have a pair of Yuanbao Phoenix, which means that the life after marriage is happy, the couples love each other, help each other, and the family and affairs are prosperous.

Many fishermen like to feed Yuanbao Phoenix in the office. The meaning is very clear. It means to recruit wealth and get lucky, make good use of resources, and everything goes smoothly. Yuanbao Phoenix's colorful, but also means that the cause of the wind and water, colorful. More importantly, people hope that on the road of life, like a phoenix, even in the heavy night, they can shine for themselves, not easily give up and give in. Guard a heart lamp, do not fear hardship, adhere to the original intention, there will be a bright moment.

Yuanbao Phoenix habits: adapted temperature: 26-30 degrees Celsius, pH 6.5-7.5, adult size 20-25 cm, distributed in the Amazon Basin. Gentle personality, like to live in groups. Commonality of soil-eating snapper - like to move small stones, the breeding environment is best covered with a layer of bottom sand.

Mixed breeding: mild personality, suitable for mixing with a variety of fish, is a benthic fish, mostly swimming in the bottom. Sometimes they stroll to the upper and middle levels.

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    Pikonni fish
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    I would like to buy Pikonni fish. How much are you selling it for? I live in The United States.
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    Pikonni fish
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    Pikonni fish
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    Very beautiful

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