Consult the problem of algae take a look

  Ask about the problem of algae ·· Help me see · Because it cant be brushed in the water outlet, how to remove itBrown algae· As shown:
Consult the problem of algae take a look Aquaculture Forum

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  Pig head V brother Say: Push yourself up
Fish friend kuny kun Say: You can only do it by hand
Yuyou Gufan overnight Say: no way
Fish Friends vaguely Say: No way to change
Cui Yiping Say:
Fish Friends Aman qq Say: Dont understand this, help top.
Yuyou Daydream 005 Say:
Yuyu Chubby Xiaolongyu Say: It s okay to not brush
Yuyou Peak qq Say: There is no way to do this unless it is removed.golden crossbacktetra arowanaLohan Fish Variety Picture~What kind of phoenix fish"Golden Flower Fire Phoenix Lohan*Tiger fish desalination albino&Arhat fish fire phoenix picturesPhoenix Lohan.Pearl Lohan:Thai Golden Fire Phoenix Seedling%Lohan fish breeding?

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