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   13580531831 Say: It does nt look very expensive.
Fish Friends Runaway 001 Say: Not bad
Fish Friendship Say: The Internet on the shoulder is too weak, this leaf is top-heavy and expensive
Fish Friends Real Madrid 555888 Say: Pretty
The first acquaintance of fish friends Koi Say: Love falling leaves!This one is fair, but there are fewer
Yuyou yyf carp Say: Dont be entangled if you come home.
Yuyou 13470365601 Say: Fallen leaves, noble in carp.The price is on the high side.On our side, its almost your price.This tail is weak.The back should be the same as the red and white appreciation, with a large and complete face.
Uncle Cao Say: Comparing alternatives
Yuyou Promi 001 Say: AppreciatedWhat is a phoenix fish,The Dutch Phoenix is very difficult to raise$Why does the Dutch Phoenix not support%Does the Dutch phoenix eat small fish?%Raising five tiger fish and one dragon fish video"How to raise phoenix fish in the Netherlands^Can the Dutch Phoenix Fish be raised?#Dutch Phoenix breeding experience@Is the anchovy well raised$Are tropical fish well raised(

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