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Arowanas hair color is caused by pigment cells (chromogenic cells) in the dermis layer under the scales of the fish and guanosine on the outermost surface.A variety of cells are scattered in the dermis, namely melanocytes, yellow pigment cells, red pigment cells, and brilliant cells.It can expand and contract with the intensity of light or changes in the environment. Various pigment cells have the function of absorbing and reflecting the wavelength of light. Therefore, in different lighting environments, various colors will appear.The color density of fish is related to the movement, concentration and diffusion of these pigment particles.So there is such a situation:

In the environment where the arowana is in proper light, the pigment cells are stretched. When the pigment cells are stretched, the pigment will expand with the radiation around the cells, the area of the pigment cells will expand, and the color will also be significantly deepened.Place, the color becomes deeper and redder!On the contrary, in a dimly lit environment, the pigment cells shrink, the pigment cells shrink, the pigment molecules become smaller, and the color will also fade significantly.At the same time, the pigment will concentrate with the contraction of the cells, and sometimes even shrink to a very small spot, and its color will naturally lighten or not obvious.

The amount of light received by the dragon fish in our tank depends entirely on the owner.Everyone may have seen such a situation. Under long periods of light, the color of the dragon fish is very dark and gorgeous. Turn off the light for a while at night.When you turn on the light again, the color of the dragon you see must be terrible?

At the same time, the arowana will evolve its body color according to the surrounding environment. In a dark environment, their body color will also deepen.Under proper lighting conditions, then taking a dark environment is the way to let the red dragon get the most color and color.The types and contents of pigment cells and reflectors (guanosine) of red arowana, and the contents of pigment cells and reflectors of different individuals of the same species will also be different!Even if the parts in the same fish body are not the same, you can understand why we value the blood of arowana. I believe that the content of pigment cells and reflectors will be inherited by the previous generation.Pigment cells are concentrated in the upper part of the fish body, while glorious cells are concentrated in the lower part of the fish body.The number of fish pigment cells, the distribution area, the coordination of pigments and the strength of the reflective body of the reflector, etc., determine the color of the entire fish body. The color of the fish is not fixed, but can vary depending on the environment and age., Gender, health status and emotional impulses are subject to change, sometimes in a blink of an eye.The pigment particles in the red pigment cells can be concentrated and diffused in the blink of an eye.This is also one of the reasons why arowana such as the red dragon quickly fades during handling, rotating cylinders, etc.

The following is a comparison of several lights after actual combat
Red dragon, black background:
By the way, why does the red dragon use a black background? There are two "adenohypophysis" related to "color".The anterior pituitary gland produces chromatin, which causes the fish to concentrate on a white background. At this time, we will see the body color of the fish fade, and of course the red scale frame also fades!The posterior pituitary gland produces the mesophyll hormone (MSH), which can regulate the pigment. On a black background, the pigment cells are stretched and the concentration of pigment cells is inhibited.Do you understand why fishs body color will behave differently under different backgrounds?

Take the Taiwan TFC tube as an example for plant lights. NA underwater lights basically use it as a light tube, about 6000K, including underwater placement and upper placement.If the light time is uninterrupted, when it acts on the young dragon, it will show a fast frame, and the first frame will be colored quickly.For a long time after the first color development at the end of the middle dragon period, the brightness and redness of the first frame of the scales increased. With the development of the pigment cells at the base of the scales of the young dragon, the benefits of the underwater plant lamp almost immediately.Because the red light in water can more directly affect the color temperature of the pigment cells of the red dragon scales on the pigment cells of the scales, the function of the pigment cells and the reflector is strengthened to the greatest extent, so let us seeBy the young dragon stage, the colorful scale background was not obvious.For the sixth row of outboxes, the relationship between the red dragons sixth outbox and bloodlines and maturity is obviously much larger than the relationship between lights.The coloring of the sixth discharge frame is the second or third color development. The frame and coloring of the 6th row of the Red Dragon are about the same time for the pigment cells and body color.Basically achieved the same performance as the scales below 6 rows!After using the plant lamp for a long time, is there any difference between the green pepper red dragon and the pepper red dragon? The 7 fins of the red dragon will be deep red.The underwater plant lamp also has the advantage that it is the most intuitive when looking at the dragon, not that it is the most true. The scales on both sides of the dragon fish reflect the reflected color under the direct action of the light, which is the most intoxicating and scaly.The background color can only be displayed to the maximum extent at this time.

For example, the halogen lamp, Xi Wannian lamp tube, has never tried to use it as an underwater lamp. They are all on the top. Around 10,000k, the halogen lamp has excellent penetrating power. After a few months of use as a single light source, it is very helpless.It was found that it was a mistake to use it on the red dragon. The young dragon came out of the frame slowly, and the color of the frame was earthy yellow. There was no brightness or redness. It was used for the second hair color or the hair color was very good.The middle dragons body is obviously faded, from scales to 7 fins, and it is faded. At this time, even if the plant lamp is turned on, it is far less red than before. The small red on the scales, alsoThe performance is very floating and unreal!

For example, the super light lamp, the Xi Wannian lamp tube, and I have not tried to use it as an underwater lamp. They are all on the top. Also after a few months of uninterrupted use as a single light source, I found that it is not a red dragon.A single light source of red, the above-mentioned middle dragon, the time when the first frame of the middle dragon eats into the second frame is delayed, and the halogen lamp can also do the same.Therefore, as a thin-framed red dragon that has been colored, it has a very good performance for the bottom lock frame. For the red dragon that can eat a large area on its own, it is best not to use it alone.It is not very pleasant to see the dragon only by turning on the super light lamp. The super light lamp is of little help to the red color of the red dragon. However, if it is used with a red light in water, it is still very good for the bottom lock frame!Several kinds of mixed light sources are used properly. The red ones are all red, and the ones with brightness all have brightness. The bottom ones have bottoms. The problem is not without them, but you have to pay more attention to management.

There is also a digression, which is also a lamp, that is a UV lamp. No matter which kind of lamp is used in your dragon tank, the UV lamp is indispensable under the condition of uninterrupted for a long time, without it,Moss and green algae will occupy the fish tank. Although it is difficult to say that moss and green algae have a very important effect on the growth and color of arowana, they will at least make you unable to see the fish!The UV lamp can not be used when the fish tank is dispensed, which will adversely affect the drug properties.Just open it for a few hours every other day every week. If possible, add an ozone machine and add a certain amount of O3 to the water to help the redox of the water quality after using O3.

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    arowana villa igatpuriAbout pigment cells and body color
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    arowana villa igatpuriAbout pigment cells and body color
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