Aquarium Fishes and setups

Aquarium Fishes and setupsAquarium Fishes and setupsMany fishes from different countries and continents are available in our local fish shops (short ";LFS";)。
When we drop into an lfs, we are often fascinated with the different colours and characters, so many fishes to choose from and how should we keep them?

There are many ways to keep fishes and no one way would satisfy everybody。 Some things to observe and ask about would be!

1。 Aggression
Are the fishes you intend to keep in the same tank compatible, in the sense that whether they would be aggressive towards one another? Aggressive fishes are best kept alone as they tend to get at each other such that the aggressiveness could reduce appetite, raise stress levels and literally make life miserable for your fishes。

2。 Ph levels
Different fishes come from dissimilar environment, and therefore, it is important to ask about the ph condition that the fish is comfortable with。 For instance, South American fishes generally prefer soft acidic waters, with ph ranging from extremely low up to 6。5, certain fishes thrive in much lower ph。
African cichlids, for example tropheus, frontosas/gibberosas thrive in high ph of 7。5 or higher。
Fortunately, many fishes are comfortable in a ph of 6 to 7。 But do check before you make the decision to buy the fish。

3。 Fish adult size
Ask about the adult size of the fish you are buying。 You need to know this because you can then plan for the future, its essential to know how big the fish you buy will grow to eventually。 I do know that sometimes, the urge to buy the fish is so great that one just put it aside to the future, this does happens occasionally to myself too, eg I have bought Goliath Tiger fish, and Cuban gars knowing full well they will outgrow my tanks in time to come, and also koi, I love Koi but these fishes need space。
As long as you know what you are getting into and you have a plan for the future, you are alright。

4。 Diet
Quite a natural thing to ask about。 You should try to find out if the fish tends to be carnivorous or herbivorous (prefer vegetarian diet)。 Some are omnivorous, but dont take chances,Aquatic find out as much as you can about the fish so that you can maintain them in tip top condition。
Another question you should also ask is whether the fish eats pellets or will only take live feed such as small frogs, guppies, koi, goldifsh, etc。

Having obtained the answers, you want to decide the kind of environment you would like your fish to be in。 Some of these are!

1。 A tank housing fishes of similar ph and diet together (a ";United Nations"; tank)
2。 Tanks with occupants from the same waters (Biotope - e。g keeping South American fishes in a tank where the SA environment is replicated as we try to be as close to the original environment as possible, such as having a lot of nice driftwood, darkish environment, some plants)
3。 Species tank (for those who are very mindful of mxiing their fishes so that breeding would not result in hybrids but pure bred species) Eg a Red Rainbow tropheus tank。 Note that a tropheus tank is not a species tank as tropheus is a genus within which there are several species, a species tank is the purest form of fish keeping that is increasingly taking root worldwide in the cichlid arena。 Within this group, is a strong following knowing no boundaries, and it is a very fierce force that accepts no deviation。

Okay, so much for now。 Take a break, we will come back, and hopefully, will have some pictures up。。。。。guess where? Going to C328 to take some pictures。Aquarium Fishes and setups 未命名
great info for the beginners。。。
>Peter i think u should publish a book on the above subject。。。。sure to be a hot seller。。。。。。
>Originally Posted by average_cc Peter i think u should publish a book on the above subject。。。。sure to be a hot seller。。。。。。 Hee, I have in mind quite a number of ideas, some positioned for fathers with a question on what fish to interest his child。
On the topic of UN tanks, Biotope, and Species tank, I would like to further expand, perhaps showing pictures of such tanks as illustrations。 This is one of the ways to assist in decision making for the fish keeper, I have also thought of many other ways of classification based on my own experience and observation。
Writing a book would need some commitment, could be some way off, but meanwhile, I think I would spin off some of the ideas that always keep visiting me。
>great info man。。 hope your pictures will be up soon。

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