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After the dry winter passes, the spring rains and the climate becomes humid, especially in the south, the air is extremely humid-this is the "enemy" of digital camera photography equipment. To be precise, the mold that breeds in the humid environment is the camera equipmentThe worst enemy.

Now the lens surface of the lens has a coating, this coating is very delicate, most afraid of mildew.Molds produce dot-like or filamentous mold spots on the surface of the lens, which affects the lens transparency and imaging performance. In severe cases, it will cause the lens to be scrapped. Therefore, mold is the biggest killer of camera photography equipment.

Moldy lens

Of course, in addition to mold, humidity is also a potential killer. When the camera equipment is in a humid environment for a long time, the electronic devices inside the camera equipment will be affected, speeding up the aging of the integrated circuit, and affecting the life of the display screen.In this way, it is necessary to do a good job of preventing moisture and mildew for cameras, lenses and other equipment, especially in the wet spring.

When you zoom in, you can see the mildew of the claws

You certainly do nt want your beloved equipment to look like this, and voila, the mold has grown in the lens.

After removing mildew, you can see bright lenses again

How to protect the camera and lens from moisture and mildew?There are many methods, but the prices vary, ranging from a few dollars to tens of thousands. Which method you choose depends on your financial ability.The following article introduces several methods for preventing moisture and mildew in cameras. It is rich and frugal. I hope my friends can keep their beloved equipment away from the threat of moisture and mold, and safely pass through each wet season.

Camera moisture proof method 1: camera bag + desiccant

Cost: almost no

Moisture resistance index: ★

Put a few packets of desiccant in the camera bag

A desiccant in the camera bag is simple and practical, but remember to change it often

If the place of residence is not very humid and the camera is commonly used, then no professional moisture-proof box and desiccant are needed, just put a few packets of desiccant in the camera bag.Some puffed foods that people often eat, such as the desiccant in "Wangwang Snow Cake", can be used.

The method is: take a few bags of such desiccant and put them in the camera bag, you can go to the tide at any time. After a period of time, the desiccant bag becomes soft.Simple and practical, light and durable.But remember not to break it.

Common desiccant in puffed food can help us remove moisture

If the camera cannot be used normally due to moisture, you can place it under the air outlet of the air conditioner, turn the air conditioner to the dehumidification position, and blow it for about 2 hours, which may alleviate the problem.If you do not use the machine for a long time, pay attention to powering the machine from time to time to achieve the purpose of dehumidification.

Advantages and disadvantages: Put the camera directly in the camera bag, and then put a desiccant in the camera bag. Although this method of moisture prevention and dehumidification is very convenient, but because the camera bag has no seal, the desiccant is also easy to saturateIf the continuous drying effect is not achieved, this method is still rarely used.

Camera moisture-proof method 2: sealed storage box + desiccant

Cost: 10-50 yuan

Moisture resistance index: ★★★

For ordinary consumer-grade digital cameras, if you buy a professional dry box for storage, it is obviously not worth the loss, so we recommend using a sealed box with better sealing to save it.Sealed storage boxes are generally sold in supermarkets, and are available in different sizes and prices ranging from 10-30 yuan. We can choose a suitable box according to the size of the camera.However, it is best to choose a box with good sealing, usually with a sealant at the seal.

Storage boxes are generally sold in supermarkets, in all sizes and sizes, with prices ranging from 10-30 yuan

The color-changing silicone is the most commonly used moisture-proof desiccant for photography enthusiasts. It is blue when it is dry and pink when it is wet. At this time, it can be placed in the sun and exposed to the sun or placed in a microwave oven.Use, and this kind of silica gel will not emit toxic and corrosive gases, so it is suitable for use as a camera to prevent moisture.General chemical shops sell color-changing silicone, usually 10-12 yuan a can, 500 grams, the price is very cheap.

General chemical stores have color-changing silicones for sale. Chili Red Red Dragon is generally 10-12 yuan a can, 500 grams, the price is very cheap

The silica gel after moisture absorption turns pink

Silicone just dried in a microwave

Put the color-changing silicone on the bottom of the sealed box, use a clean white cloth as the isolation layer, and put the camera on it. In principle, do not let the digital machine directly contact the color-changing silicone.It is important to note that before putting in the camera, first remove the cameras battery, and wipe off the dirt and sweat on the camera with a soft cloth.Finally, close the lid and press the lid evenly to close it tightly so as not to let out air

Ready to close the lid and seal

Advantages and disadvantages: This method can absorb moisture better and prevent moisture from entering the sealed plastic bag + desiccant moisture-proof method, but the size and tightness of the sealed box are not uniform.Putting a small amount of equipment, plus the sealing effect is not guaranteed, so this is also the drawback of this method.

Camera moisture-proof method 3: ordinary sealed moisture-proof box

Cost: about 150-1000 yuan

Moisture resistance index: ★★★★

Ordinary sealed moisture-proof boxes are mostly made of high-strength plastics (also colloidal). The lid is equipped with a rubber seal ring and a pressure regulating valve on the top can solve the situation that the lid of the negative pressure box cannot be opened.Equipped with a moisture absorption device (moisture absorption card), and can be restored to a dry state by charging and heating, and used repeatedly.Most of the cabinets are also equipped with a hygrometer.

Ordinary sealed moisture-proof boxes are mostly made of high-strength plastic

Advantages and disadvantages: It is more troublesome to maintain, but the structure is simple and the price is cheap. In addition to the photographic equipment, other items that are susceptible to moisture and mildew can also be stored.

Camera moisture-proof method 4: Electronic moisture-proof box

Cost: more than 1500-10 thousand

Moisture resistance index: ★★★★★

The electronic dampproof box uses a dehumidifier or a memory alloy to discharge the moisture in the closed storage space to achieve a constant humidity.The higher-grade electronic moisture-proof box can also control the humidity to be achieved.The cheaper ones do not have humidity control, and the design is simpler.Remind netizens!The environment of the dampproof box is not as dry as possible. The humidity suitable for camera storage is about 40-50%. If it is adjusted too low, the lubricant on some parts will dry out!

The electronic moisture-proof box discharges the moisture in the closed storage space to reach a constant humidity

Electronic anti-humidity box is equipped with thermometer, hygrometer, and some also have anti-theft lock

If it is a cabinet-type electronic moisture-proof box, the volume is relatively large, it can be included in the indoor space, the lower layer is placed with heavy objects such as cameras and lenses, and the upper layer can be placed with CDs or photo books.Please set the humidity at 40-50%.arowana fishthe arowana villaIs the little red arowana a loach?#Arowana is not full.Yinlong feeds a few fish a day:How many bread bugs a silver arowana feeds a day!20 cm silver dragon feed several times a day"What food is good for red arowana%Red dragon fish eats big fast%Red Arowana Food$Can Arowana feed ham sausage@

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