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Temporarily close the filtering system in the aquarium, and remove all the appliances in the aquarium, so as not to affect the overall aquarium landscape layout.If the aquarium does not use a background image, the effect of pasting a black background paper behind the aquarium will be more vivid.
2.With ISO sensitivity 400 reversal color film, even fish can be photographed (aperture F4-F5.6, 1/30 seconds); If you are using ISO sensitivity 100 reversal color film, as long as the aperture is increased by 2 frames, you can also take photos with the same exposure.Generally speaking, photos with enhanced photos will have higher contrast and harder image quality. For example, if you use fluorescent lamps that are easy to give a soft impression, you only need to add a little calculation to do photosynthesis.Quality contrast will become higher.
3.Place the tripod in front of the aquarium, the height of the camera is parallel to the height of the aquarium, and set the lens in the center of the aquarium, you can take photos with the least distortion.
4.When the lens is 50mm, the distance between the front of the aquarium and the film is about 1m. The aquarium will just fill the entire 35mm film (the distance is 60cm when the lens is 28mm).

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5.When shooting at night, you must first turn off all other lights in the room, and only use the light in the aquarium to shoot, so that no other scenes will be reflected on the glass of the aquarium.
6.If you use a camera with a built-in flash, be sure to turn off the cameras flash before taking pictures.The flash in the camera will reflect on the fish tank to form bright spots, destroying the picture.If you need a rich light source, it is best to use professional studio lights to shoot, the effect is better than the light in the tank.

Arowana photography tips AROWANA Forum 7.If you are worried about the greenish hue of fluorescent lamps, you can use filters (Kenko FL-W, MARUMI F-WL, etc.).Arowana photography tips td digital cameras can use automatic white balance.
8.It is best to use the shutter release or self-timer to press the shutter, the focus will not be blurred.
9.If you can use automatic exposure correction, you must segment exposure, so that you can get the best exposure state.

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