Blood Red Arowana

Brief introduction: Blood red arowana: One of the arowana species, first produced in the north of Sintaram Lake, the main food is small fish, shrimp and so on.Blood red arowana breeding has high requirements on water quality, generally requires a water temperature of 24 to 28 ° C, a water hardness value of 3-12, and a Ph value of 6.5-7.5.label: Blood Red Arowana Asian ArowanaHow about Bao Zenghong feed,How about unified parrot fish feed%Parrot fish eats feed and it grows fast or dried shrimp$Special feed for parrot fish^What feed red blood parrots feed*What feed is good for Grackle?)Red parrot fish turns white and does not eat!Parrot fish eat reddish feed or whitish#Baozenghong feed price$Login of China Feed Industry Statistics Information System.

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