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  Brief Introduction of Blue Dragon FishBrief introduction Asian Arowana ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheetBlue Dragon Fish: Scientific name beautiful bony tongue fish.It is widely distributed and has appeared in Malaysia and Indonesia.Green arowana is also called green arowana in Singapore. Some arowana restaurants on the market have a nice name. The chili red arowana is called the yellow-tailed golden dragon. This is just for sale.The blue dragon fish is very similar to the grouper dragon fish we talked about last time, but there are also many differences. The inner frame of the blue dragon fish is pink, the fins are blue-green, and the most representative of the whole fish is the fish body.Green spots. The blue dragon fish clock is more famous NAMI blue dragon, NAMI blue dragon has a worm pattern gill cover, it was a sensation on the Internet at the time, and caused a shock.
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Brief introduction Asian Arowana ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheetWhite tank raises red dragonWhat color is used for the bottom of the red dragon fish tank@What color background do dragon fish use?What background does the red dragon fish tank use!How big is the red dragon fish for black background"What color background is used to raise dragon fish?:Red dragon hair color process#Red Arowana color fake/What background does the red dragon fish serve~Red dragon fish with blue background.

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