PH value of water quality

  PH value of water quality

Water quality is a required course for everyone who loves dragons. It is also a topic that will never be discussed.The PH value alone has troubled the writer for a long time, recording the right of writing and doing things.The PH value is a very important water quality factor and has a decisive influence on the survival of aquatic organisms.The organisms in the water have their most suitable PH value. When the PH value in the water is not suitable, the organism will get sick or even die.First, lets briefly understand the basic definition of PH value: the PH value of water represents the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration in water.Neutral aqueous solution PH = 7, acidic aqueous solution PH <7, the smaller the PH value, the stronger the acidity.The alkaline aqueous solution PH> 7, the greater the PH value, the stronger the alkaline.Acidity and alkalinity have a great influence on the growth of arowana. Over-acidic fish have difficulty breathing, and many organisms have increased toxicity. The gill tissue of over-alkaline fish is corroded, affecting normal growth.Therefore, it is very important to measure and adjust the PH value correctly.It is one of the important indicators to maintain water quality.Due to the different species of arowana and the difference in living area, the PH value of different waters in the native area of the arowana is also slightly different, but if it can reach the pH value of 6.5-7.5 Basically can meet the requirements.

There are many factors that affect the pH of the water in the aquarium.(1) The impact of feeding water.Because of the difference in pH of the water supply sources in different regions.As far as the north is concerned, the winter PH value is 8.Above 0, the general PH value in summer is 7.Around 5, this is the basic water used to raise dragons, and we must be aware of it.(2) The effect of the feeding density of fish in the fish tank.Choose a reasonable feeding density according to the aquarium of different volumes. Due to the limited volume of the aquarium, if the feeding density is large, it will inevitably cause the accumulation of fish waste, if it exceeds the capacity of the filtration system, it will inevitably cause a large fluctuation of the PH.The stability of the water quality affecting the feeding water.Therefore, it is very important to choose a reasonable feeding density according to your aquarium.(3) The amount of dissolved oxygen in the water also has a certain effect on the PH value. As the amount of dissolved oxygen increases, the pH value increases, and the amount of dissolved oxygen is affected by atmospheric pressure.The higher the dissolved oxygen content, the lower the water temperature, the higher the dissolved oxygen content. When the fluctuation of the surface water is large, the dissolved oxygen content will increase, and these factors indirectly affect the PH value of the water.(4) The bottom sand and filter material can also affect the PH value. If the feed water source is more alkaline, then acidic filter material and bottom sand should be selected.The opposite is already true.(5) The hardness of water has a great influence on PH.Therefore, it is necessary to understand the meaning of hardness. The total hardness (GH) represents the total amount of calcium and magnesium salts contained in water.Most of natural water is surface water and groundwater. Because of the contact between the water and the stratum, many minerals are dissolved, and calcium and magnesium are the main ones.Temporary hardness (KH) is a part of the total hardness of calcium chloride (magnesium), calcium sulfate (magnesium) and other permanent hardness salts that are easily soluble in water.At the same time, a part of the original precipitated calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.When the carbon dioxide in the water increases, it will re-dissolve in the water and become soluble calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate. When the carbon dioxide in the water decreases, it will precipitate out and return to the precipitation state of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.There is a dynamic balance.This content that exists with the presence of carbon dioxide and disappears with the disappearance of carbon dioxide is called temporary hardness.Total hardness = permanent hardness + temporary hardness.Among them, the role of temporary hardness in water is mainly to buffer the change of PH value, that is, the proposed PH value is violently shaken due to the increase of acid or alkali in the water, thereby keeping the PH value relatively stable.(6) Influence of carbon dioxide content in water.The content of carbon dioxide in the air accounts for about 0.0325%, which is the direct source of carbon dioxide. At the same time, the carbon dioxide produced by the respiration of fish directly leads to the change of PH value.(7) The standby time of the trapped water is too long. The pH value rises due to the increase of dissolved oxygen and the loss of hydrogen ions.The parasite observation method will inevitably cause the increase of PH value after changing water.

PH value detection.There are several common detection methods for the PH value of the aquarium: (1) PH value test paper, because the measurement is not accurate enough, it is best not to choose it because of the large error.(2) The pH test solution is relatively troublesome.(3) PH value test pen is more economical and has positive and negative 0.2PH error.(4) Microcomputer PH value detector, the measurement is more accurate, and the accuracy reaches plus or minus 0.01PH, but the cost is higher.(5) The microcomputer PH value controller can be connected to the carbon dioxide supply system to control the PH value in the water.Its accuracy can reach plus or minus 0.01PH.Mostly used in water tank.You can choose to use according to your actual situation.

Aquarium supplies are commonly used in dragon fish tanks that have an impact on pH changes.(1) Water quality stabilizer: Some well-known brand water quality stabilizers are supplemented with carbonate hardness, so they are helpful to stabilize the PH value.(2) Lam kernel leaves: commonly used additives for red dragon breeding.The main function is to produce humic acid to reduce acidic effect slowly and naturally.Helps to increase the color and stabilize the color of arowana.(4) Black water: commonly used additives for red dragon breeding.Softened water, containing natural peat extract, humic acid, trace elements, vitamins, protective colloids, etc.Has a certain acid-lowering effect.(5) PH value lowering agent and higher agent.Used to adjust the PH value to the effective range.(6) Bottom sand: There are acidic, neutral and alkaline, which should be identified when selecting.Choose according to the actual situation.(7) Decorative objects such as sunken wood: Humic acid can be produced, but the acid range is limited.(8) Hydrogen type ion exchange resin, which absorbs calcium and magnesium ions to reduce hardness while releasing hydrogen ions and increases the acidity of water.

Now that the factors that affect the change in PH have been found, it is easier to control.But what needs to be understood is that the stability of the PH value is the most important.Once a sound biochemical filtration system is established in our aquarium, the PH value will stabilize.This stability is the ultimate goal we pursue.What is the steady state of PH value?In a water change cycle, the PH value fluctuation is controlled at 0.Within 1PH.In other words, we try to control the PH value to 6.5-7.Within the range of 5 and keep the drop between 0 and 2 between water changes.1PH value.This stable PH value is very beneficial to the cultivation of red dragon color.

We can control the feeding density by strengthening the filtration system.Appropriate oxygenation, select the appropriate bottom sand and filter material, use various additives and cooperate with various control equipment, and control the PH value within a reasonable range according to the species of arowana.It should be noted that the daily adjustment range cannot exceed plus or minus 0.2PH.Create a high-quality living space for our love dragon, I believe this is the pursuit of every love dragon.

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