Black Arrowanas

Can any bros tell me where i can buy black arowanas small ones?
NKS at hougang st 21。 saw a few there。
>saw qian hu have。。。
>I got mine from NKS, its a great piece at a good price。 Yishun has bigger pieces but the price is not so attractive。
>I heard from the grapevine that it is not an easy fish to keep, they are more sensitive than silver when young。 But mine so far has been okay, I am keeping a small one (about maybe 5 inches?) in a 2 feet tank with four Orinocensis Peacock bass,Aquatic two kois, a Haitensis。 The black aro eats pellets (I think) because the live mollies I put in the tank for my Orinos are too big for it! And its still okay after so many weeks。
>Thanks bros noted。。。。。。。。。。。。Black Arrowanas


    Black Arrowanas
    2020-04-21 01:34:57 Contents
    Arowana Long Grain Rice Price%

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