Dragonfishs Scale

  Dragonfishs Scale

First, the water quality is poor, and the water has not been changed for a long time, which makes the water aging, the conductivity is above 1000us, bacteria in the water erodes the fish scales, the water quality should be improved first, and the filtration system should be improved.Yellow medicine, yellow medicine is used for wound inflammation, can not kill bacteria). * e5 h$ w C4 F7 J z6 {
Second, ectoparasitic infections, some ectoparasites can also infest fish scales. If this is the case, the fish will have an obvious antipruritic action, and an appropriate amount of special drugs for arowana should be used to expel the ectoparasites.
Third, the mucous membrane is damaged due to trauma and the fish scale is damaged. If this is the case, as long as the water quality is controlled, the temperature can be adjusted to 30 degrees to help the fish metabolism. * F ~. Z4 n1 F f $ N; U S
Fourth, the ph value is too high or too low. If the ph value is too high, the fishs surface mucus will be damaged, and the fish will also be eroded. If the ph value is too low, the fish will produce a lot of surface sticky night.Acid, superficial mucus is useless, but it will cause a burden on the fishs physiological health, acidification and erosion of fish scales. Therefore, it is recommended that you measure the ph value and take a certain value between ph value 7 and 0 plus or minus 8 to improve the scale.Value. ) V f8 V w # v! M6 f

Dragonfishs Scale AROWANA Forum The above four points are the main reasons for the majority of scale erosion. It is not the yellow medicine that can solve the chili red dragon or the super blood red dragon. Please do not treat the yellow medicine as a panacea. Incorrect use will cause fish damage., Causing regrets beyond repair
4 f The scales of the arowana defect after curing are too serious to be intact, so it must be removed after using Selenopine acid, but at most only one or two pieces can be drawn.The second numb operation ~.

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