A day in th【blue asian arowana】e sun


A day in th【blue asian arowana】e sun AROWANA ForumThe big guys get along very harmoniously Rugao Nantong [ciya] Jiangsu Province
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
87 baby fish lovers say: This is true also unlikely ah
sky Turbot lovers say: big guy
Long Koji aquarists said: Bang Bang da
Zhou Yao Yao small fish lovers say: a good fish tank
zizai aquarists say: This is the Giants, it is too much
TZX aquarists say: GoododPrecautions for keeping arowana"What is the best way to eat silver arowana.What kind of arowana do novices keep%How to disinfect the wild fish to feed the arowana/Novice how to distinguish arowana:Novice Arowana!The cost of keeping arowana for one year~Do you keep arowana for daily proofing??Novice arowana teaching video


    A day in th【blue asian arowana】e sun
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