【asian arowana】De-force comeback


【asian arowana】De-force comeback Aquaculture Forumlin Top Crown black and white fish lovers say: look and see not a single gill breathing
lin Top Crown black and white fish lovers say: this is not due to low temperatures will be upwards and 24 degrees feel like gills worm will not
blazers17 aquarists said: return to the embrace of the motherland
llzzhh aquarists said: tropical fish, why not give it warm
66011 aquarists say: seek the guidance of the great God whohocricket farming in kenyacricket farming businessEighteen arhat fish pictures&Does Red Yuanbao say anything?*How to raise tropical red ingot fish(How big can the ingot parrot fish grow.Water temperature requirements for ingot fish/What kind of fish do red ingot fish belong to@How often do ruby fish breed,Parrot fish pregnancy pictures?Red Yuanbao fish breeding method:

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