This is what happens it enteritis?


This is what happens it enteritis? AROWANA ForumPersonalized dragon fish lovers say: mild enteritis
Comrade Wang aquarists say: turn off the lights convalesce
Wanda hair products aquarists said: Arowana lying cylinder normal.
Hawkins Luzhou aquarists said: No.He frequently changing the water conditioning
Side of the sun aquarists have said: enteritis performance, then drag it white prolapse abdominal distension, no words should not be big changes in water quality, large temperature difference, are likely to shock lying cylinder
Han Lei p4819 aquarists said: frightened face bigiglarge fish tank pricelarge asian fishRed Arowana Small Tank%Robin Blood Red Arowana:Thick Cabinet Red Arowana.Red Arowana Pigment"Need Blood Red Arowana~Red dragon fish which is good$Red Arowana Back Scale$Hope the red dragon fish$Lucky Dragon Fish?Red Arowana Book(

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