【asian arowana book】Dense dry separation filter tank bottom transformation


Thank here last posts counseling wet and dry separation box you select the friends of the great God, the first time in so long, and finally completed the initial wet filter box bottom renovation, for my people that no practical ability, one simple operating it took me nearly three hours


Then, thank God, a large variety of professional rogue paste, before deciding to reform, crazy rogue see the great God of wet and dry, filter, filter and other posts, thanks!


Tank 80 is long, 36 wide and 90 high, the bottom filter tank almost 60,25,40.Base cabinet 68cm high, dense bottom filter sawed There is no FIG...No intermediate biochemical lattice filter, filter cartridge and only the cartridge pumps, approximate dimensions (length 30, width 20, high 40).Dry separation in the original filter cartridge, about the size of length 27, width 20, 10 high, but because of the overflow plate, so the actual height available in the way of 5cm.


The increase wet and dry separation cartridge: as an obsessive-compulsive disorder, can not tolerate a little aquarium scum...There have always been floating particles, there will be better after the change of cotton, but still feel not enough.After the run on the rogue god air cylinders and choice of cotton, dry separation cartridge post, decided to increase wet and dry separation cartridge, and had a dry separation layer in the adhesion layer 4 loose cotton wool into a ratio of 1 1.


Dry separation cartridge because the height difference between the height of the filter tank bottom and the bottom cabinet height is too small, it has to be made smaller, dimensions: 27,18.5,7, 2 up and down, a total of 14cm high, so that the greatest use of space under the water until no major changes.Anti overflow baffle 5cm high (internal), so the overflow baffle height difference is less than 2cm from the edge of the box, I hope not to be the overflow time after stealing cotton blocked hint here...Prior to discharge dry separation cartridge, to be modified under the water, in order not to destroy the original design, and again after the operation as well as space, there is no downcomers sawing original, but in the original interface of the pipe and the water filter bottom cylinder an increase of the diameter of 3cm bellows, which is ordinary water washing tank bellows, and then placed in two ways as shown below, the final choice of the second....

【asian arowana book】Dense dry separation filter tank bottom transformation AROWANA Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheet
【asian arowana book】Dense dry separation filter tank bottom transformation AROWANA Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheet

Why this second choice, because the second outlet easier to adjust, easier to control and water.Because of my 200L aquarium pump 2500, a little water, coupled with wet and dry separation boxes made smaller, but also said the issue of height above the overflow plate.


In deciding how to design the circuit after the water is placed in a cotton filter, rogue before seeing the god of posts on cotton filter selected to write the blockades, recommendations put biochemical cotton or cotton vine in the bottom of the box, and referred to the general biochemical cotton as 2cm high, generally used is enough 1cm.But my home is the biochemical cotton 4cm high, so the basic game, so the direct selection 2 2 dense cotton loose cotton.A total of 4 boxes of loose cotton wool 4.But after a time cycle test fails, the reason is blocked!!Loose cotton is only for the new, dense cotton with the former, but also only took one week, the way cotton plug should not exist.Therefore, replacement with a cotton embodiment, a combination 1 2 bulk density and the bulk density in the order of placing the loose.In the bottom of the loose cotton below, because fear of blocking or directly added 2-3 chopsticks, chopsticks action is alternative biochemical cotton blockades.But I do not know this will not be counted in line with alternatives.


In fact, the first layer of the box is put magic bag program, but because of the size and height inside the box, the water ways are unknown, I do not buy.Alternatives to stockings..(This is not to steal his wifes stockings Kazakhstan, to buy their own temporary!8 dollars five pairs, ha.Nor is that they have a special hobby, aquarists are the majority of the experience)

【asian arowana book】Dense dry separation filter tank bottom transformation AROWANA Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The3sheet

The final shape is such a..Ugly, but it has been tried..Home is not enough rope, or water pipes with plastic sheets will not stick to the bottom of the cabinet..


The original dry separation space currently empty, remove the bottom filter separators, and still consider how to arrange.


The last question came:


1, from the previous 27,20,4 wet and dry, a loose cotton wool 4 mils.It becomes about 20, 18.Wet and dry 5,8, 4 adhesion loose cotton Cotton 2.Like aquarium particulate matter are still many, and did not feel greatly improved.While particulate matter is certainly reason sand bottom, but should in theory be better, why not improve intuitive..


2, wet and dry separation position before is certainly add something, but also must be added because the current biochemical less than 10%, more tangled here is: you want to reduce the visible white particles is insufficient where stands to reason that physical filtration problems , but then changed or...If that is insufficient physical separation of wet and dry before re-enabling it to increase cotton, and how to match?If it is less than biochemistry, biochemical increase.There are two kinds of programs: 1, an increase of only biochemical pump compartment on the right, and how to increase I have seen Gods son in a large rogueOriginal dry separation continues physical action.2, the pump and the former warehouse turned into wet and dry separation of biological filter, but because of the water pump compartment below the height of separation of wet and dry in the original, so it is necessary to increase the height of the water pump compartment, either directly add water, make up the height, this will certainly lead pump warehouse biochemical some dead zones, or to increase the height of the middle of the baffle, the baffle can directly increase the water level on both sides of the warehouse, that is a little trouble.


Well.Question is a bit complicated, look forward to the big white God can give better advice


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hi5x4pcc aquarists say: Useful brush it?It is said that good results precipitate.I also own a new tank with a brush.Also pump flow too will end up blowing sand, I tried, transferred 10 files from the seven-speed, full-blown sand in the side up
MYSML aquarists say: Ask a question, the cylinder with water and fish, after the pump stops, the valve can add it saw the water pipe?I am also a dense cylinder, thank you
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Cock wire fish hobbyists, said: tossing constantly, constantly improve
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