Galaxy P14 Stingray

Galaxy P14 Stingray

Galaxy P14 Stingray Stingray

The Potamotrygon P14 Itaituba Stingray has many awesome names such as "Galaxy" and "Stardust" given to it. When you see a P14 stingray, one is always mesmerized by the numerous spots on its back which looks like the stars in space. Of all the terms and names given to it, many ray keepers have come to know this famous species as the "Galaxy" P14 Stingray. Having a solid black color base with white spots; this freshwater stingray looks almost like a swimming map of the stars.

The Galaxy P14 come from the River Tapajos in South America. Similar to many of its cousins in the Potamotrygon family, this is a carnivore feeding largely on shrimp, fish and sometimes dead decay in the wild. The Galaxy P14 Stingray goes through the most amazing and drastic transformation process amongst all freshwater stingray species. When born, the Galaxy P14 stingray has a light brownish base color and white spider-web like markings. The colors and markings on the stingray looks nothing near anything it would become when it grows up.

As it grows to around 6 to 7 inches, the Galaxy P14 stingray starts to form whitish looking spots in the centre of each of the spaces in the spider-web and expands to cover the holes in the spider web. In other words, the lines of the spider-web slowly lighten up and disappear in the process. The brownish base then starts to turn dark and finally to a solid black.


At around 10 to 12 inches, the Galaxy P14 stingray would already be having an almost fully dark or black base color with clear signs of white spots all over. By now, the spider-web lines on its disc would already be almost, if not completely gone. From here forth, the transformation process is nearly complete but nonetheless, never ending as the Galaxy P14's spots would get clearer and whiter as the stingray grows and develops every day.

In the end, it would have went from a dull brownish looking stingray with spider-web markings to one of the most amazing looking freshwater stingray with a black base color and small spots all over its disc. Galaxy P14's are only available in F4 to F5 variations at Our focus is to supply only the very best quality of Galaxy P14 stingrays. Because of our strict quality control, only the most beautiful Galaxy P14 stingrays will be offered to serious customers.


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    Galaxy P14 Stingray
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    Galaxy P14 Stingray
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    Galaxy P14 Stingray
    Galaxy P14 Stingray
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