Stingray bitten

  Yesterday, just please a small crown, was bitten morning found a large stingray, and down the gluten, no isolation plate, into the bottom filter, you can do what needs attention?Jiji Ji Ji Jiji Jiji Ji Ji Jiji
Stingray bitten AROWANA Forum======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
blazers17 aquarists say: keep a good quality of imported avoid injury secondary infections
Every day to eat rice cakes fish lovers say: size gap is too large, it is best to do partition.Do not starve the big stingray.
zsj725 aquarists said: stable law
Look for fish by fish lovers say: enough attention to water quality
A I love red arowana lovers say: pay attention to water quality, not drugged, they will good
Heart wide road on the wide aquarists say: it bites the sick and no gluten at all why not put anything
Heart wide road on the wide aquarists say: do not need anything to put a very strong ability to Stingray will slowly recover
Mo aquarists say: pay attention to maintaining good water qualityod water qualityod water qualityod water qualityityod water quality如何正确修剪龙鱼尾巴%长城杯龙鱼大赛怎么比·什么是赛级龙鱼——2019长城杯龙鱼比赛时间@长城杯龙鱼冠军*龙鱼比赛死亡·金龙鱼前鱼鳍断了能长吗、招财猫鱼怎么养,龙鱼品相图解+

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