New fish do not eat how broken?

Four days into the pool and began feeding Koi are not hiding under the wooden platform has been out more than a day or so, what does that mean?How to break?
New fish do not eat how broken? Aquaculture ForumDistrict of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province
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13470365601 aquarists said! oxygen burst。
Panda burning incense aquarists grandfather said! I also like my home aquarium just opened yesterday into the tank, so Ill wait three days refeeding。
Happy Dragon carp lovers say! the larger waters, clear light and dark areas about the fish the more one dares。Probably have to hide slowly finished exploring the area waters。Fish began foraging
Sprinkle a snow white fish lovers say! oh,New fish do not eat how broken? well, a few days to feed hungry, let them know whos boss know!
Jun-搜索引擎优化k E7jDU fish lovers say! I eat the next morning!Hey yo but very little
Carp carp carp carp carp lovers say! Hey have time to stay away, several times a day to feed every little point, not hungry now,
Arowana fish friends to raise primary school student, said! two weeks all right, hungry anxious eyes, do not eat,super red asian arowana I did not have arowana back one week,New fish do not eat how broken? I waited a week to put food, happy to see me now old , you point to let him know who god
Chaos Yunfei aquarists said! adaptation period is too short, at least one week
Nu Xing Yue flying fish lovers say! New best fish feed every few days and then do not worryhen do not worryyryhen do not worryy!

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