Crystal glass for tank

Hi guys,
Thinking of using crystal glass for the front panel when buying my new tank。 Any people done that and is it worth the top up? Top up is about 25% of the tank price using asahi glass
Subjective bro,Crystal glass for tank worth it if you can tell the diff。
>Thats the problem。 No sure if I can as never had such a tank。

Crystal glass for tank AROWANA Forum>if crystal glass are low iron glass then you can tell the different by looking at the side of the glass。 a normal glass for tank will look greenish whereas low iron will look more blueish。。
you cant really tank the different of low iron glass from the front unless you have 2 same tank with different glass side by side,Crystal glass for tank and only if you paste white on the background。。 the low iron one will look more white then the normal glass
overall, I dont think it worth to do crystal glass。。unless you have more money to spend。。。
* when I say normal glass,aquarium it does not mean really normal glass, but it still tempered glass
>Thanks for the feedback。 Trying to find where best to spend it。 The amount can get media for 5 ft sump or another nice nice L600。【silver asian arowana】


    Crystal glass for tank
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