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Hi bros。
Noticed that the pricing of the XBs are coming down and heading south。 While it is great to be able to afford a small comm , I wondered if we will ever see an increase in XB pricing?
Kindly share your thoughts。

I dont think so。 Think the supply is still too much and many hobbyists successful breeding creating more supply。
>Like property, price go up, will come down。 Price goes down will go up one day。 But still depend on consumer confidence。 If u think that it going up trend, u should buy more now。
>I have not seen such a drop in pricing in all 5 years of keeping aros。 Maybe the more experienced bros could weigh in with more thoughts。
>Hi bros, what to do when the market confidents drops, the prices drop as well。 The problem is that there are too many aros floating around once the greater China markets demand reduces, so no place to export, can only flush it down the many lfs in town。 However, found most of these discounted aros are mostly poor quality ones, those solid ones are still commanding higher price thought not as high as years ago。 But I guess the shake up is good for the aro market and hobbyist for the mid to long term。 At least, more people can afford to own one at these beauty at historical record low prices。 Also aro farms that produce poor quality aros will eventually closedown, so once it hits equilibrium; balance in demand and supply or demand more than supply the price of aros will go up again。 So enjoy this time of extreme low prices while we can。。。。
>Supply and demand is the cause for the price down for XB
>Yes,albino arowana price main reason is supply vs demand。
The other factor i feel is ";Quality";。。
Too many claimed to be XB with poor quality also has pushed the price down。
Look at the ";Red";, price still maintained quiet well though has soften a little。
Generally quality of ";Red"; still maintained well。
>If only a standard can be set clearly to identify a genuine XB and are certified by a single authorised body to classify them as XB, perhaps price will pick up again。
Those non qualified XB will then have to be sold as RTG。

Discussion on prices of XB AROWANA Forum This is only my opinion,【live asian arowana】。 please dont hammer me。
>Looks like golden prices are rock bottom now。。。。but premium quality pieces still command hefty price tag?? Any views??
>Agree that quality aros still cost more expensive
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    Discussion on prices of XB
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