Fish aquarium move ?

Hey guys , I am having trouble with figuring out what to do 。。 Maybe some people here have some experience with this ?
I am moving houses the end of august ,
Currently I am running a 120g with predatory inhabitants 。 I have 1 FF , 6 clown loach ,3 gallon fish tank for sale 1 bichir, 1 BGK some small plecos 。。

I am planning to upgrade to a 220 gallon tank when I get there 。
The problem is , I am also buying an arow which arrives on the same day as my move !
The good thing is , my new house is only a couple houses down , so back forth is easy 。 What way should I get about doing this ? I had spent a lot of money on this arow and dont want to lose any fish during this move 。。
I also need to move out of the house on the same day that I get into the new house so I only have 1 day to do all this 。
I have thought of using plastic tubs for temporary housing 。。 Running canisters and heaters on the tubs overnight 。
>You are residing in canada【where to buy asian arowana】 nothing much we can help bro。
The。best option is to house tbe arowana temporary in a fiber glass tank with cover at your new house and wait until tank ready then transfer。
everything to be completed in a day will be tedious and risky。 You should plan ahead and not get caught in such situation。
Is there any friend stay near you having spare tank to accommodate your aro temporary? If not, you have to prepare a temporary holding place for your arowana。
Hopefully everything will sail smooth, god blessed。

Fish  aquarium move ? AROWANA Forum>get a fibre tank or use and old tank with lid and transfer yr aro bro。
and since its only a few houses down。 you may want to consider the
option of running yr new tank water a day before u have the big move。
all the best bro?Fish aquarium move ?

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