[Rule] Changes of Reputation System

Hi all,
I have made some changes to the Reputation System。
1) ";R-3! A minimum of 20 rep points and 20 posts is required to give member a rep power of 1。";
Change! from 50 posts to 20 posts

2) User can now see who left approval(up)/disapproval(zap) for their reputation point。
this is a healthier and friendlier system。。。Thk u。。。=)

[Rule] Changes of Reputation System Aquaculture Forum>I was wondering why I got zero value on my rep power。 Now I understand。 Thanks。
>sounds like a good system。 always believed that users should be responsible for their actions and not hide behind the ";anonymous"; mask
>I like Point 2。 At least people wont be a victim of being mass zapp。。
>Thx for the new update! IMO this is better。
>This is the type of user friendly forum which generally every aqua hobbyist is looking forward, proud to join and support as a member。。。。。 Kudos to the founder and the management team (admins/mods)。
>thk you boss Neosh for keep improving AFT, really happy to join and stay here!
>Thanks You Sir,
Well everything is good to review and update the systems from time to time。
Thanks for all the hardwork and improvement。 Cheers AFT!
>boss i like ur style thanks for the forum
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