Fish Videography!

Ive just completed my Diploma in Moving Images at Temasek Polytechnics Design School where i studied video and filmmaking。 Here are a few old videos that i put together last year, they combine two of my favorite hobbies。 Best enjoyed in HD! Hope you like em!

Fish Videography! AROWANA ForumCongrats on your graduation

>Originally Posted by blur Congrats on your graduation Thanks, graduation ceremony is tomorrow! Before i know it,aquatic shower walls itll be 7th June and ill be off to Tekong。
Anyway,Fish Videography! enjoy the videos。 1st two were shot with a Canon 550D while the last was with a Canon 5D Mark II。
>Nice video and congrat for your graduation。
>congrats on your graduation bro。。。take it slow and enjoy the moments in Tekong。 like a Malay saying pelan pelan kayuh。。。
just kidding ya。。?


    Fish Videography!
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    Golden Arowana Rice)

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