What is the minimum number of Asian arow

I think I have heard that 5 is the minimum number to ensure success with a multi-aro tank。 Anyone care to share their experience or knowledge on the matter? What is the minimum number of Asian arows you';d put together? Arowanaclub canada I think I have heard that 5 is the minimum number to ensure success with a multi-aro tank。 Anyone care to share their experience or knowledge on the matter? IME, it really depends on the personality of the arowanas youre attempting to put in the community。 During my earlier years of owning arowana, Id have difficulty with putting multiple silvers together, even though they are the less aggressive。 Id try 3, 4 and 5, but it never really worked out and had to end up selling them。 I have tried on several occasions too。 Ive never really put asians together。。。simply because I dont have the $$$。 Judging from what Ive seen。 5+ is definitely the way to go。 There will probably be fighting/chasing though。。。 and of course, a dominant alpha fish will form。 Currently, I have a red and a black together with absolutely zero problems。 At first, when I introduced the black to the main tank, I was scared as the black is pretty much one of the rarer arowana available。 I stayed up most of the night sitting on the couch just staring and waiting for the red to show some aggression。 Never happened。 I ended up falling asleep and woke up next morning, to see the fish were swimming happily side by side as if they were a couple。 The fish were only about 10ish inches then, so they are not sexually mature。 To this day they still swim together and Ive never even seen any flaring。 In regards to the title of the thread, I will say try it and see if it works。 If it does, great; if it doesnt, move on。 yea theres no guarantees。。 theres ppl who gets 2 working。。 n theres ppl who cant get 5 working。 id stay away from comms。。。 generally ull have torn fins in them even if they do decide not to kill each other。。 n that just ruins the piece。 i think 1 nice show piece is better than a group of them。。 supposedly。。。 ODD numbers r the way to go if you wana comm them。 5 or 6。。。 I have seen 4 done before and they fought continuously until seperated。 I used to comm。 silvers。 I read before, people who want to try comm。 should start with silvers。 They are cheap, and you can get the feel of how things work out。 But I dont fully agree, as silvers are one of the most gentle, non-aggressive type。 I feel that fights in comm are inevitable。 So if you really want a ";perfect"; looking aro。, better stick with single aro。 tank。 Those who comm wihtout fights (or at least not visible ones), are usually comming aros in ponds or humongous tanks。 you guys dont know how lucky i felt haha。。。 i was ready to set up another tank。 frozen-fire said! Well I think his tank looks very good。 I wouldnt take the chance to add another aro, just in case it disturbs the peace。 Imagine they crossbreed and Frozen-Fire gets a Super Purple (black red) Aro。 I dont know if there is a minimum, it all about the aro temperment and eviroment, with that said the only way to do it is to experiment and observe。 Since all aros are different。 I have a successful com and still ocaisionally the pecking order changes and some chasing will occur for a few days。 Just my $0。02。 Boydo said! It is all depending on each aro。 being put in comm tank。 Some are gentle, some are wild。 In general, people dont put gold with red as golds are considered more aggresive。 Reds comm tank can be found more in the hobbists。 However, if you really want a perfect looking fish, yes, keep it alone。 But if you want to enjoy the great movement that aros。 swim together, then the comm。 tank will be amazing。 Plus, aros。 in comm。 tank are more happy than they are alone。 As for the numbers of aro。 in the comm。 tank, I will say the more the better if your pocket can support。 It is so difficult to say what is the min。 number。 I have 3 together going very well, I have 5 together going very well。 But when I add 2 more into the 7, the fighting starts。 So I will say it all depneds。 You try to get your success。 No try, no answer。 IMO, there will be not have a physical number on the min。 Hi Rulaifu - Thanks for the comment。 I am in the planning stages now for a 670gallon arowana com tank。 I am thinking of starting with either 9 HBRTG or 6 Super Reds。 Either way the number would come down to 5 eventually I think。 I want to try and get a pair, though, and so know that mathematically 6 fish provides near certainty to get at least one male and female。 Will keep you posted on the project。 670 gallons tank。 Great。 You know I always want to hear some big numbers。 If I will buy another house, I will build at least 2000 gallon tank。 That is my goal。 Keep me updated for your tank。 Rulaifu! Nice。。。Then you can invite me for BBQs and swim in your tank with the aros。 Are you going to be the second one in the world who swims with aros。? IME i have had 2,3,Pikonni4,5,6, sivers together but it really does depend on the fish itself as well。。。 im on my way of getting my asian aro comm tank i have a red,x-back and a jardini so far planing on getting a few hbrtg to go with it but i also think it depends on the space you give them i see tank so crowded sometime i dont even know how they swim without hitting each other! Rulaifu! Well。。。you feed your aros Market Shrimps and not Super Worms。。。so it is less dangerous swimming in there (if you know what I mean) BabyMack! I would be careful comming that Jardini。 I had one and hated him, he killed two of my silvers。。。That bastard?

What is the minimum number of Asian arow AROWANA ForumWhat is the minimum number of Asian arows you039;d put together?What is the minimum number of Asian arows you039;d put together?

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