The meaning of Tosai Nisai Oya (Sansai)

The meaning of Tosai Nisai Oya (Sansai) TVRThe meaning of Tosai Nisai Oya (Sansai) TVRFor those who are going into japan TVR。
Tosai means same year fish。 So if someone is selling a Tosai now, it mean he is selling a fish that is born in this fiscal year。
Nisai means two year old fish。 So basically, it means the fish is supposed to be 2 year old now。 So any fishes born in fiscal year 2011 would be considered to be a Nisai in 2013。

Oya means parent or adult fishes。 It is usually used to categorise fishes that is 3 year old (Sansai) and above。
The terminologies above do not necessary only applies to competition fishes。It is also commonly used by hobbyists as well。
Please feel free to add on if i have missed out anything, your contribution will be greatly appreciated。
i think regionally have Jr Tosai category also。 Sorry if im wrong。
>You are right bro, there is a Jr tosai cat。 The difference of Jr Tosai Tosai are base on the entry size but born within the same year。
>I only know tosai masala or tosai kosong。。 hahahaha
Jokes aside, anw thx for the info coz i been wondering what it means when hobbyist say these terms but paisay to ask。。。
>No need to paiseh bro, i believed hobbyists will be most willingly to share。
>Thank you boss。 I paisay coz i still noob and now still keeping those cheap2 gfs(below $10 each) to get things right 1st before getting those mid range to high end gfs。 Dun want those higher grade ones to die on me。 Heart pain leh money fly like that。 So far 6 month with no casualties and all getting bigger and fatter。 Only my black oranda got a bit of fin rot and white spots。 Currently nursing back to health and improving but not 100% ok。
>No problem bro, we are here to share! clap!
Hope to see more updates from you and please do not embrace the impression that high end Goldfish is superior to the others。
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, I have different range of goldfishes as well and in fact among all I love my ";yuan bao"; Oranda the most which is not even a show grade or competition grade fish。
The affinity toward the Yuan Bao is just beyond words that can describe even though I have a piece of black giant Oranda winning 2nd placing during local competition。

The meaning of Tosai Nisai  Oya (Sansai) AROWANA Forum Last but not least, Goldfish required consistent temperature and they can go below to 18 degress celcius, try not to fluctuate the temperature too sudden which can avoid white spots and if possible,fish attack game isolate the sick fish from others to prevent spreading。
>Thx for the tips。 Will update u and the other bros on my progress。


    The meaning of Tosai Nisai Oya (Sansai)
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    A lot of money for the duck feed,

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