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i was chit chat w a LFS boss this afternoon。。。 he mentioned that, a good and healthy cycle tank,Pikonni the poo poo from fishes will melt into powder form / into small small piece and later on suck by the filter? He also mentioned, Diatom algae (brown color stick on glass ) not easily appear, dunno true boh???
he said my canister (eheim3 1200) is currently not strong enuf to handle my 5 ft tank,Question with Cycle Tank ask me to set up 2nd canister or set up sump tank。。。 i m so unsure now。。。 cause, i used to suck their poopoo everyday。。。 clean the brown algae stick on glass every weekend。。。 then, if i put 2 canister then he is just bluffed me and is back to the square。。。 then i gonno faint, spent $ then result the same。。。
you can prevent diatoms from growing if you remove silicates from tapwater before using

Question with Cycle Tank AROWANA Forum>What he said is true。 Canister for a 5 feet indeed not enough but buying 1 more might not be enough also。
Best is to set up a dump tank。 U wun look back。
A lot more convenient when comes to maintain and also a lot more efficient when comes to filtering
>Is this a marine setup? What fish are you keeping in the tank?
>Thanks for advises。。 Fresh water。。。 1 Xb only。。
However I got 1 symptom。。 When I continue on my light for a week the brown algae appear very slow。。。 But if I off for a night。。。 Next morning the whole glass full of brown spot。。。 Any idea? I thought off light is better to avoid algae?
>How is your wc regime? Check your water parameters especially nitrate and phosphate。 Reduce light hrs。
1 xb in 5 ft tank with 1 canister can be managed depending on your wc and feeding regime。 Some ppl which understand water management well can just do a simple sponge filter thats all。 Others prefer to have bigger filter, 66% of tank size。 Some go to the extend of using a sump plus canisters and OHF。
>Ph 6。8-7。0
A-n-n 0-0-20
Water change 10% using RO tap water filter every 2 days, conditional of tap water at my zone is 7。1
Feeding 1mp every evening to my 14 inches xb
Water condition is very clear。。。 Even 24/7 light on。 But after a night off light。。 The brown brown spot stick to glass all come out。。
Some say tank is not cycle。。 Most ppl say is the silicate level from tap is high。。 So I m no idea。。。 Shall I set up another canister。。
>Currently is running a eheim 1200 w 18w uv n 1 of hydra 30
>i know it sound weird, but the brown spot only appear after i turn off the light。。。
>Your tank is cycled already。 Pretty good water parameters。 The brown algae is the result from Nitrate + Strong lighting (with UV emission, tanning light?)。 Get a Fei Feng to clear the brown algae, works wonders for me。 You may also consider UV filter to deal with algae problem。
Take a photo of the brown spots for the others to better understand your situation。
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