how does this filter worklargest arowana

how does this filter worklargest arowana fishhow does this filter worklargest arowana fishHi guys,
I bought this rainbow farm tankset in aquarama and it has an internal filter compartment which is divided into 3 sections。 The left is for the ceramic rings, middle for the pump and right for the cotton。 There are slits at the 2 side compartments which allow water to flow in then to the middle compartment where the pump will push the water back out to the tank。 Im confused as to how this filtration method works since there isnt much of a suction force of downward movement of the water to the media。 The water going in the compartment seems stagnant and not really ";Going in"; but is just there。 Im not sure if you guys get what i mean haha。 Any explanation will be appreciated。 TIA。

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I do get what you mean。。。 i echo the point that the water flowing in from the left and right is via the means of an overflow concept but how deep the water penetrates the left nd right chamber might not be strong enough。。。 really makes me wonder 。。 any takers on this mystery ?
>How does the water from the left and right compartments flow into the middle compartment ? does it flow "; over "; or "; under "; from the left and right into the middle ?
Just based upon the photo and your description, It works similar to regular tank IOS utilizing an overflow input ( as per what ipit suggested too。 ) Only difference being the overflow input is split from both left and right ( Y ) instead of a single channel。
If thats the case;
I would suggest lowering your water level。 Try lowering it till either half or 3/4 down the slit。 That should solve your ";stagnant "; water issue。
>Having done that。。。 next you can maximise the volume of the filter。
1) Instead of splitting left for media,largest arowana fish right for sponge;
Fill both up with just media or media and cc if youre not using any other filteration system。 Put Wool ontop of the media, just underneath slit openings for mechanical filteration。
2) If the water from the left and right compartment flows "; under"; into the middle compartment directly。。。 you can change to a slightly stronger pump。 You might need to increase water level to compensate for the increase。
>i checked and mine goes with an underflow。 if i reduce water lvl to 3/4 of the slot, that is like a lot of water loss from the tank and it will look pretty weird with such a low water level !/
>from what i understand the water will go into the LR compartment thru overflow then to middle compartment thru underflow? in that case it seem to be working fine unless i understand wrong。
>Yes,Pikonni if it enters the middle chamber via the means of an underflow then it should be ok as the power head draws water from both the left and right side thus no stagnant water。 TS naybe u might want to check it out?
>yup guys, i checked and the water will flow from the tank to the LR compartment through the slits, then flow to the middle section where the pump is through an underflow! thanks guys。


    how does this filter worklargest arowana
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