Is it okay to feed my rtc freezer meat??

HI ALL!!! I am new to the hobby of fish keeping and i am inexperienced。 Can someone tell me if its okay to feed my 5-6 inch rtc raw freezer meat? eg。 salmon and chicken?
yes its ok。 chop abit。。
>salmon is too oily and expensive for rtc。。。

chicken breast is a cheap source of food for rtc。
>Wah。。。 Salmon for rtc is abit overkill sia。。
>yup agreed salmon is too oily。。 chicken meat can。 alternatively, MP, or live feeders also can。 Especially if u comm with other fish that takes live feeders and MP,arowana fish baby RTC dam good in clearing the leftovers。
>RTC will mostly eat everything u feed it。 haha。 MP or sotong for me。
>Feed mp too exp! Feed sotong or meat。
>yes! rtcs eat literally almost everything they can fit into their mouths。 just cut ur meat into smaller pieces
>for me, i feed kunning and market prawn heads,Is it okay to feed my rtc freezer meat???Is it okay to feed my rtc freezer meat??? after peel off the bodies for my aro
>Mine want to swallon a big stone yesterday。

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