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Got them 2 days ago。。owesome fishes。 Cant wait to get more。 My new pickups Arowanaclub canada Got them 2 days ago。。owesome fishes。 Cant wait to get more。 Wait till they get like this and watch them they can almost eat anything there own size and smaller。。。。lol Nice。 How big are yours? Those are Tem on the left and occel on the right? I think i got bite by a pbass bug。 hehee。 Im scalpping around for orino, azul and kelberi。 CORVETTE said! Nice pbass。 It must be something in the air, I just bought two more ocellaris myself today, both around 12";。 That makes 5 in my 320。 My food bill is about to jump again (I go through a box of shrimp in 2-3 days)。 haha。Thnx。 yea, I was told theyre wallet drainers。 Mine are only 4";。 2 are being real picky eaters, the other 1 eats anything it can get。 They seems to go whacko on feeders。 What else should i feed them at this size? I would try to get them off of feeders because once they get used to live, you will have a really hard if not impossible time switching to non-live。 Goldfish are more expensive than shrimp。 would they eventually out compete the aro for food? Mine were 17-18"; in length and they just made the aro more agressive at feeding time。 You wont believe this but i actually gave them away because they were out growing my 220 gal and nobody wanted them。 The guy i gave them to had them spawn in his pond the next day。。。。。dam it。 They ate pellets,factory batu pahat shrimp, frozen fish。 you learn pretty fast when they get big you wont want to feed them feeders any more as the wave of water flies out of your tank and your tank starts rocking back and forth。 Right now i only have a 120g。 Looking to get a 300+ g tank in the future。 I dont want these guys to get big too fast so been only feeding them every other day。 Is that ok? Ill stop using feeders and switch over to shrimps。 What else can i feed them with!

My new pickups AROWANA Forum

My new pickupsMy new pickups

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