See fish dont see cert

Learnt a lesson。。。。 At a lfs saw the xb tagged as A grade however the aro has red fins and green horse shoes on the scale。。。。
To solve the problem。。。 How to choose an aro in a wtt? Anythijgs to look out for? or just purely Luck when choosing?
Reminded me of a batch of juvenile xb I saw 2 years ago in a LFS which look like 1。5 red to me。 No matter what,big fish africa juvenile xb tend to show a fair bit of horse shoes marking on scales near the tail region due to the scales been very thin and colour not developing on them yet。 So to me its acceptable for its a norm。 Finnages if all red even in WTT then I will skip as well。 Even juvenile golden if in WTT should show yellow finnages majority than red。

See fish dont see cert AROWANA Forum>Thanks for the input Koji!
What i notice is that the fins are raether red,See fish dont see certSee fish dont see cert like those Tongyan and the horseshoe marking on the whole body。 See liao I was shocked
Nowadays i think its better to get a BTT XB to see the shine?

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