if u get promoted..will u accept?

boss tell worker, u r promoted to management level。
incentives as follows";!
1。 company give hp n sim card, bills company pay。
2。 increment of $300。

3。 company choose n buy car for u n can bring home use, petrol, maintenance n carpark company pays。 (actually company now is already paying yr petrol n maintenance)
4。 if require to go overseas, example u r suppose to go work one day, accomodation n air-ticket。 sponser by company,allowance is $450sgd one day, then if u decide to stay another 2 days。 accomodation company pay, but deduct yr leave。 no allowance。
downside is !
1。 u r no longer entittle for over time pay。
2。 u might be require to work on sun n PH with no extras。
3。 as n when u need to go overseas with just one day notice。
4。 u r 24/7 operational ready, ie, if call u, u must go work, irregardlesss timing of e day。
5。 u no longer can claim $50 for yr hp bill。
before promotion,best fish tanks for sale on average yr OT might be $100-$1200 range, but most of time is around $200 below。
so would u accept tis offer??
yr comments pls。。thanks
With all the perks, it is still worth it。 Grab the chance given, as promotion dun come easy。。。。
>Grab it, is a good opportunity for your future career。
>any other bros ideas??
cos my wife says no good。。。。
>for me,i rather do more OT than kena tied by the time。as you mentioned the OT range till $1200,just do abit more can get $300。if you are still single then i recomend you go for it as time is all yoursjust my view,its still up to you to decide
>Married man。。 At times e ot might even go up 2k plus, but very seldom for tis year。 Tats y I wanna ask ppl point of view
>Hi buddy, just my point of view。
Promotion in a company dont come easy。 promotion normally means you have perform well in the company and they appreciate your efforts。
For example if you have worked in the company for the past 3 years and you are promoted, that means you have another credential in your resume and one day if you wants to have a change of environment, you will be able to command a better pay and maybe a better role to play in other company。
if you chose not to be promoted, one day when you wants to leave the company, the company boss that would like to employ you will think that after so many years in the previous company what have you achieve? you might still be in the same role meaning you will not be able to excel better in your career path and you will need another few years to proves that you are the right person employ。 ask yourself how many years do you have to excel yourself in your career path? 3 years 5 years or 10 years。
So you have to ask yourself what do you want achieve in your career path?
This is my thoughts。 the final decision will still be from yourself。
Cheers and hope all the best for you。
>just remember one thing ";good changes ONLY came once and not twice in life time";
>hhmmm。。。since most of you guys say accept the offers。。think i will accept it。 cos i haven give boss answer, tuesday MC till now。。LOL
wonder boss will change his mind or not, since i mc for so long, LOL
later go take MC again, as fever refuse to go down, 38。7 degree consider high? cos it was 38。4 since monday till now temp goes up n down, but never go below 38。3。。。。 but if reach 39 should i go hospital?
>may i know why ur wife wants you to reject?
Ill accept, is another level for you to learn and move on, also a good portfolio for you if you are looking for new job, although the increment not quite attractive but well just treat it as a learning in process。

if u get promoted..will u accept? AROWANA Forum but for me been working for many years and reach a certain level and comfort stage, if my boss wanna promote me, Ill think twice haha。。。
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