Sharisilver dragon fishng another Red fr

Hi just to shar another red。 Coming 5years old。 Green based red。
Hope u guys like it。 Photo taken from iphone
Looks very potential。 Considered quite red
>Hi bro, very nice body shape。
>Thank guys for the positive comment
>Very solid full block red,Sharisilver dragon fishng another Red from minwatt mind to share the tanning set up? And hours of tanning per day?

Thx in advance
>Tanning is abt 7-8hrs a day。 Tanning light is frm AK
>Nice collection of Reds。。。 you groomed from young ?
>Yes,tiger lifestylesilver dragon fish all aro are with me since 6 inches
>solid piece of red bro。

Sharisilver dragon fishng another Red fr Aquaculture Forum>Big and chunky
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    Sharisilver dragon fishng another Red fr
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