Need expert view on this xb

Need expert view on this xb AROWANA Forum
Hi, can have some view on this xb? Thks alot!
if you havent bought it, i would say,Need expert view on this xb get one with already crossed。 xb price is cheap now even fully crossed ones。 even GH is cheap now。
many who bought uncrossed xb,Goldend arowana without proper lighting / wtt, turnes out like a shb or hb。
if youve bought it,Need expert view on this xb then continue to take care of it with tlc, it may become a swan someday。
>Nice juvenile xb groom it well。
>Nice Xbox but will be more worth it to get a fully crossed juvenile。 Dont risk it as it does not cost a lot more
>It all depends on you。 If you like it then buy it?


    Need expert view on this xb
    2020-01-24 06:43:00 Contents
    Red Arowana price and pictures(

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