Unique Green Aro

Went HK for a Holiday, happen to chance up this Aro。
Requested to take a picture。 Take a look at the fins。
[IMG]Unique Green Aro AROWANA Forum[/IMG]
Is it the fins are blue in colour?
>Originally Posted by patclay Is it the fins are blue in colour? Nope white in color 。。。 According to the owner。。 It mutates to white after several months 。。
>Nice green aro any video to share?
>Yes indeed, green aro tends to have pale colour tone on its tail, pale green,Unique Green Aro yellow and sometimes even look translucent。
>I didnt take any video, except a few pics 。。。
green aro tends to have pale looking tail towards the end of tail but not to the extend of the whole tail 。。。
even my wife says should bag to sg 。。。 pity this arowana does not have a cert。
>Maybe its a one of a kind fader machiam flowerhorn!corner aquarium tank


    Unique Green Aro
    2019-07-10 01:18:34 Contents
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