FS: 6 inch PNT - SOLD

SOLD。 Thanks
FS! 6 inch PNT - SOLD Arowanaclub Canada
SOLD。 Thanks
Should I, should I, should I。。。。。。decisions, decisions。。。。。。
Nice PNT Mike, I was I lived closer!
RTG_Gerry said!
Few interests! First to pay in full will get the pnt。 As Ive pmed the interested parties。 Thanks!

FS: 6 inch PNT - SOLD AROWANA ForumHey mike, what camera did you use to record the pnt? Great quality。
chen88 said!
really need the room。
$650 shipped。
Always so tempted to get a pnt for my 450。
So cool to see him swim non stop。
I really like mine Chen,Goldend Arowana comes and feeds out of my hand and they are just so amusing to watch。
Yeah, I had one before (10years or so ago)。 Started nipping at my rays so off it went to my lfs。
Is yours in with your rays? Man I would hate to grab one and it start going after my BDs and aros。 My SDs would be too fast for him to bite。
Ya mines been in with my growout rays and mbu for 1 1/2 years and there is no indication that he wants the rays yet but has attacked other fish when Ive missed feedings。 Allways a risky combo but I think if you get the feedings figured out there should be no problem。。。。but a year and a half isnt very long in the overall life of these I guess。
Ive been toying with the idea of a PNT for my aro tank, too。 You cant help but smile when you see them swimming around。
last price $500。
pmed you back gerry。
got another pm besides gerry asking for a lower price。 im firm at $500! any lower,FS: 6 inch PNT - SOLD ill just setup a 50 gal for him lol。 i really dont want to sell my frt!!!
It would help if you answered your phone, Mike。
RTG_Gerry said?


    FS: 6 inch PNT - SOLD
    2019-12-07 18:01:35 Contents
    Mick Stingray Juvenile"

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