Male motaguense cichlid

Hi guy, lets share my male motaguense cichlid。
You separated his female ?
>No la, I oni put divider ,Pikonnicause think is not the time yet,but c the male growth nicely, so share with all bro。
Thanks for viewing bro。
any pics or video of the female?
>Sweeeeee!! Good news should come fast now
>Handsome male

Male motaguense cichlid AROWANA Forum>Whoa boss! Another nice cichlid in your collection
>Nice fat male。。
>Hi bro, lets share a short vid of my female motaguense 。
>Nice partner for the male boss
>Page 1 of 5 123 。。。 Last Jump to page。Male motaguense cichlidMale motaguense cichlid

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