albino altum hybrid?

just for sharing purposes。。。 what are your thoughts?
I think what they meant is Peruvian altum, not true P。Altum。
heres another video。 any difference between these and normal albino scalares or even albino platinums?

>Albino or not doesnt matter as long as it is not created for business purpose, if yes then I will go for non albino。 Just like discus and other fishes like albino channa, etc。
>They look like albino Silver angelfish to me because of the absence of intermediate stripes。 Like domestic angelfish,albino altum hybrid? they also look much smaller and their fins are not as long and as ";vertical"; as Altums。 However their stripes are as thick as Altums。 Probably a crossed breed。 What do you think?
>My opinion on them is that they are just normal albino scalares。
The size of the adults。 This is a young adult pair and if given much TLC and well fed, any domestic angels can be seen at this size。 Note the ";chin"; is a sign of being well fed。 An adult AA can easily be 7-8"; within a year and maturity at a even bigger size。
Secondly, as Bro Gonjinn mentioned, the fins are not as vertical。 Also at juvenile stage,stingray boots the dorsal of an AA is not flag type。

albino altum hybrid? Aquaculture Forum In discus term,albino altum hybrid? this angels have high body, thus looking more like AA。 The third video give all away。 How can AA have diamond or pearl?
But nevertheless, these are very fanastic angels and I must kudos to the breeder or hobbyist with such loving care to them。
So bro shaiful, these angels from you?
>No lah, how can all these angels be mine? Just for sharing purposes only as got 1 bro from another forum say there will be a shipment of albino AA hybrid to his country。 So I curious go check youtube and find all these lor for sharing and learning。
>oh i see。。 I did saw on other forum mentioning the albino peruvian altums and that really looks like AA。 its from Germany。
>Nice specimen。 Thanks for sharing。 Are they available locally?
>Originally Posted by zhou yuande Nice specimen。 Thanks for sharing。 Are they available locally? if its albino Peruvian, I havent seen any locally but normall albino scalares are available in lfs。
>Thank you bro, for your clarification
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    albino altum hybrid?
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