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Was your aro/s appetite affected by the recent hot weather? I notice my gold and red not eating as well this few days, compared to cooler weather

Checking in。
I can relate to this。
>Bro, when your last feeding ?
It’s ok to have reduce appetite but most impt is keep the water good。
Regular wc also can stimulate the appetite。
>Yes I have experienced this issue。 Improving water circulation with powerhead/wavemaker and using airstones may help。
Good luck, regards。
>[Bro,last feed was 3 days ago,water is still ok。。。Maybe I will change more a bit than usual。 Thks for the advice
QUOTE=Loner;393558]Bro,complete fish aquarium when your last feeding ?

crickets as a food sourceHot weather aff AROWANA Forum It’s ok to have reduce appetite but most impt is keep the water good。
Regular wc also can stimulate the appetite。[/QUOTE]
>Recent hot weather may contribute to increase in water temp。 However, that is only one factor。 Location of the tank may influence too; at an airy area like living room and below a ceiling fan or beside a window where sun shine may come in。 Smaller tank with less volume of water but with more electrical accessories may increase temp too hence harder to regulate temp as compare to bigger tank。 Number of lights and duration of it being switched on, cover (glass or mesh netting or egg crate)(trap heat) of the tank, etc。 etc。 may also contribute to temp increase。
Temp changes (hot/cool) may affect aros appetite。 However, again this is one factor only。 There are other factors that contribute to reduce/increase of aros appetite。 Therefore, it may be wiser not to associate them together so that we can analyze it individually as to tackle them objectively。
Definitely agreed with bro Loners advice, maintaining good water is the key。 My preference is to still stick with my usual wc regime and wont make any unnecessary changes。 An active and healthy aro will eat eventually。 Cheers
>You can consider feeding it in the night time much cooler。
Too much water change at short intervals is not good for fish unless u use aged water。
Would suggest you change maybe 1 to 2 inches of water will do。 If Wan to decrease water temp,crickets as a food source increase the flow of air pump。
Since fish is eating less, feed less too, need not do anything to improve the appetite。
All you need to do is Ensure good water and fish are healthy will do。
>Weather really hot
>Bros, thanks for the advices, my aros ever fast for 2 weeks when weather turned hot like recent weather。。。dun say aro, even my own appetite also affected。crickets as a food sourceHot weather affect aro appetite

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