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So now, there are this tiny white organisms-(thinking is worm), inside 1 chamber of my IOUS。 This chamber is where I recently put in coral shells。
Info! Neversaw these before now。-did not boil coral shells-just rinsed them-white thingys only in that section/not in main tank。
So。。。。anyone know what these things are?

nature of business in malaysiaTiny White AROWANA Foruma photo would be helpful
>^ Photo not possible at this time。 Description。。。very tiny-have to look real close to see them moving。 They move very slow。
>Increasing the water temperature might help solve the prob。
>Reduce feeding protein rich food to stave these worms,nature of business in malaysia daily wc 30% replace new filter wool。 Sign of poor filtration with accumulation of protein。 Layman term, water too fat。
>Yeap。。。should be filtration system getting old liao。。。cannot perform as well。 If the worms are not attached to fish then shouldnt be a big problem。。。
>those white tiny worm are Planaria。。 but without any image i cant confirm。 If its a Planaria outbreak, reduce the amount of feeding, do a water change and change the wool, if you have gravel in the tank clean them up too。 The Planaria eats up the left over food in your tank。 They are generally not harmful but an eyesore and an indication of excessive feeding。 No need to add medication despite them being easily available in LFS, the medication is a quick fix by eradicating the worm but the problem to be addressed is not dealt with。 Just reduce feeding, remove uneaten food,Goldend Arowana step up on water changing regime and the wool too
Hope it help
>I tried this brand and it is useful。
But be careful。。。 Cos it has taken the lives of my rays and Tropical Gar。 But surprisingly my Florida Gar and Aro and catfishes are surviving well。
Likewise for my IT and Clown Loaches。
>bro just wc, heater on and salt add, u try it should help
>Originally Posted by eyehawk bro just wc, heater on and salt add, u try it should help agree, simple and effective method。 I always use this first
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